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New Store Arriving Soon!


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Whether you've been an avid magazine reader since childhood or just taken up reading again with the terrific ereaders for magazines on the Canadian market today, we have the popular Emagazines right here that you can pick out and enjoy soon. Let yourself be taken away with travel or fashion magazines or enjoy a new recipe or two with a popular home decorating and entertaining magazine. get some sports insight or learn something new about the current affairs or political arena with the great selections in Canada and abroad..

We also have online stores here that can give you children's magazine subscriptions to be downloaded.

As for ereaders, Kobo has a few for you to fit most budgets. For most of us Canadians, having a full library of magazines doesn't make sense from a cost and storage standpoint, however with the new Kobo e-readers you can conveniently download more magazines than are in your bookstore. Once you have your ereader you realize how quickly you can download magazines in a minute or two and how convenient your ereader is for travelling, commuting with public transit or just reading while you're waiting somewhere. No more bulky backpacks or oversized purses. These wonderful digital inventions can fit conveniently in a large inside pocket of a jacket. Many are even available in French or English versions. But even if you just leave your ereader at home, you'll be able to set aside an area where you can read as many magazines as you like to your hearts content.

So there you have it. We hope that you enjoy the selections we have here from online shopping mall for Canada, and we wish you all the joy and happiness as you sit down comfortably and are taken away on your next readable adventure.

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