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Now it seems everyone needs a computer. From a toddler that loves learning on a touch pad to Gramma who likes to try out new recipes or keep in touch with family every home seems to have one or more of these technology wonders. Along with your computer and access to the internet also comes the need for internet security, safety software.

On a happier note you may also want software for graphics, personal finance, designing, children's learning, video editing and more. There are also accounting and tax software programs available for Canadians that are found here and top of the lines.

We have namebrands such as Microsoft Office and Windows, Corel, Qickbooks, and Turbo Tax. We have on-line stores here that Canadians know and trust and you are taken to their actual website/store.

If you're looking for the bestsellers on the Canadian market or even new that you can pre-order we have online stores for that too.

So there you have it. We hope that you enjoy the selections we have here from online shopping mall for Canada, and we wish you all all the best as you sit down with your new computer.

We've down the research for Canadians and make sure you're paying in CAD, Canadian dollars and there is no surprise duty at your door upon delivery.

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