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Find some of the best gifts from this gift guide (Voluspa Classic Maison Candle Yuzu Rose is shown here) and there's also books, totes and more. Free shipping on most orders $25.+ to most Canadian locations

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Online Shopping Mall Canada ... Here's a Post from one of our Founders on being a Mom

They say that a mother's job is the toughest job in the world but somehow (being a Mom, myself) I find it a position that I gratefully accept.

Sure I have a business job that keeps me busy but I'm always on-call for those moments when one of my kids need me. I've had many phone calls over the years from frantic babysitters, teachers and mostly from my kids themselves and once I've assessed the need, I usually drop everything and "go". There is no overtime hourly pay. There isn't any monetary compensation for my lost business in my self-employed field. I generally work every holiday cooking for nine or more and I can't remember a Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving Day off in years. I've spent endless hours in hospital waiting rooms with an unrealistic measure of any time spent until I hear the words "She'll be OK". I've educated myself on childhood illnesses, bullying intervention, the best way to educate a child, nutritional meal planning, kid counselling, and one my best achievements recently would have to be my self-taught kid negotiating skills. I'm not able to get a better job for any of this or even a diploma to put on my wall...but it's all worth it.

I know I speak for many Moms when I say that something happens to you when that little bundle is placed in your arms just after your child is born. They look up helplessly and yet lovingly and melt your heart. You know that you will make a life-long committment, not because you're consciously aware that you have to do it but because something divine and magical has changed inside you and you are now a mother.

So as "Moms" receive our gifts big and small on one of their special days,  I want kids to know that many of us want to thank "you".

Thanks for letting us know when something hurts, thanks for giving us all those cherished hugs, thanks for taking on some of our good habits, thanks for sharing your lifelong dreams even though we know we might not be here to see them all come to fruition ...and finally, if you had a choice up there in heaven...thanks for choosing us.

We hope you find a great gift for your Mom ... Ideas and online stores for Canadians are here for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Anniversaries or Christmas

This is a online shopping site made by Canadians for Canadians. We have set it up to honour all the great Canadian Moms and to have an area where all the kids young and old can find their mother a great Mother's Day, birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift on-line in a matter of minutes. We have carefully chosen online shopping sites that Canadians already know and trust and you will find most gifts in Canadian dollars. We have also ensured that they will not surprise you with any duty or other charges when you receive your gift at your door. We have included the standby but "Wow" factor gifts of delivered roses, bouquets and gift baskets, as well as gifts for the fashionista Mom, gadget gal and the mother who's a great entertainer, hostess and amazing around a kitchen.. We also haven't left out what many Moms would love to get as a Mother's Day gift and that would be pampering gifts for her. Spa items, foot baths, shower gels, hair care, cosmetics and skin care products have all carefully been chosen.
We hope you enjoy this handy gift guide page to help you find that perfect gift for your Mom that can fit most budgets whether it's a gift from a luxury designer or a cheaply priced bargain find from an online outlet store.
Don't forget to order early to ensure delivery, and if you've left it late, sometimes the florists and other stores on this page can still get it there, check their delivery times online or call their toll-free number.

Thanks so much for dropping by and thanks for being a great kid and getting your Mom a gift


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