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Hey Canada, so you’ve made the decision to travel and now you’re looking for luggage, duffle bags or a good sized backpack to travel light.

Here are a few ideas on picking the perfect luggage…

Carry-Ons … Many Canadian travellers today have learned to carry light and avoid the checked in luggage area completely. I would still prefer to have a small luggage carrier with wheels and an adjustable handle but there are sturdy backpacks and even duffle bags that can fit the bill.

Checked Luggage … There are many choices for luggage that needs to be checked. Hard or soft suitcases are really the two main choices but I would always once again suggest one with a retractable handle and wheels. Keep in mind that soft suitcases are easier to pack in the trunk in layers if you are travelling in a car to get to the airport…oh... and while we’re talking about the family, don’t forget about some cool looking luggage for the kids.

Airline Luggage Restrictions and Tips …. Place your address tag on the outside of your bag (but hidden from the public) and also one on the inside, just in case your luggage goes missing. Put a ribbon on the outside of your suitcase or purchase luggage that’s really bright or unique to quickly identify it on the carousel.

For Canadian travellers …always…check for weight, size, restricted and prohibited items, sports equipment and musical instrument requirements with your airline service before you get to the airport and don't forget to teach the kids how to travel light, but if it's their first trip maybe their favourite teddy needs to go along for the ride.

Keeping this points in mind will keep you one step closer to having a great trip!

Happy trails to all of you!


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